What Do The Ghost Faces Mean On Snapchat? All Explained

Joe Audette


Ever wondered about the Snapchat ghosts that pop up next to your friends’ usernames? You’re not alone. Each ghost, a version of the Snapchat mascot, conveys a different emotion – shock, happiness, and more.

But spotting them isn’t easy. Want to unravel the mystery? You’re in the right place.

Today I’ll reveal what each one means and how they add a fun twist to your Snapchat experience.

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Quick Answer

  • Snapchat Ghosts on Snapchat have different meanings and represent a range of emotions from happiness to shock.
  • Understanding the meanings of Snapchat Ghosts can add a personal touch to the Snapchat experience and reflect our emotions and personality.
  • Different Snapchat Ghosts include the Black Ghost, Bubblegum Blowing Ghost, Peace Symbol Ghost, Shocked Ghost, and Crying Ghost, each symbolizing different emotions or situations.
  • The Snapchat Ghost logo was inspired by Ghostface Killah, a rapper, and represents the disappearing nature of messages on Snapchat.

Snapchat Ghost: A Brief Overview

While you might’ve noticed the Snapchat Ghost beside your friends’ usernames on the ‘Added Me’ screen, it’s important to know that this feature, introduced in 2016, is more than just a playful version of the app’s logo, Ghostface Chillah.

It’s an engaging tool offering a chance to customize your Snapchat Ghost, expressing different emotions. You can access this feature by clicking your Ghost/Bitmoji icon and selecting the desired face.

But, here’s the kicker: the Ghost Mode. This hidden feature allows you to disappear from the friends’ map, ensuring your privacy. By activating Ghost Mode, you’re invisible, giving you control over who sees your location.

Snapchat Ghost Meanings

Happy Snapchat Ghost

This signifies that your friend is extremely happy about something.

Ghost with Peace Symbol and Star

This symbolizes that your friend is exceptionally cheerful and positive.

Snapchat Ghost with Heart-Shaped Eyes

This Ghost signifies that your friend is showing love and affection towards you.

Snapchat Ghost Laughing with Tears

This particular Snapchat Ghost symbolizes that your friend is both laughing and crying simultaneously. However, the tears depicted are not from sadness, they represent tears of joy. This ghost is a representation of the term “Laughing Out Loud”.

Crying Snapchat Ghost

This icon symbolizes your friend’s sadness, pain, or disappointment in something. It typically appears when you haven’t sent snaps to your friend for some time.

Content Snapchat Ghost Symbol

The ghost symbol indicates that your friend is satisfied with your Snapchat interactions.

Shocked Snapchat Ghost

This Ghost represents shock, surprise, or astonishment about an action you’ve taken. If you have also blocked them, this symbol will show up on their friend list.

Angry Snapchat Ghost

This suggests that your friend or someone who has added you is upset about something.

“IDK” Snapchat Ghost

This symbol indicates that your friend is puzzled or does not know what you mean.

Ghost Blowing Bubblegum

This Snapchat Ghost symbolizes that your friend may find your photos and snaps dull, possibly due to an overabundance of snaps sent. Alternatively, it could indicate that they are upset by your actions.

Snapchat Black Ghost

The black ghost on Snapchat indicates that your friend has either deleted or deactivated their Snapchat account.

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The Significance of Snapchat Ghosts

So, you’ve explored the basics of Snapchat Ghost and its privacy-centric feature, Ghost Mode, but what about the different Snapchat Ghosts and their meanings?

Snapchat Ghosts aren’t just quirky avatars, they carry significant emotional weight, representing a range of emotions from happiness to shock.

When exploring ghost emojis on other social media platforms, you’ll find that Snapchat’s approach is unique, offering a fun, creative way to express feelings.

Analyzing the cultural significance of ghost symbols in modern society shows their growing popularity in the digital space, particularly among the younger demographic.

Snapchat Ghosts are more than just fun icons, they’re a reflection of our emotions, personality, and the transient nature of our digital interactions.

What is Snapchat’s Ghost Mode?

You’ll find Snapchat’s Ghost Mode a valuable tool when you’re looking to control who gets to see your location on the app. This feature provides complete privacy, one of the key advantages of using Snapchat Ghost Mode.

It puts you in control of your location sharing, protecting your privacy and ensuring your security.

To maintain your privacy on Snapchat while using Ghost Mode, ensure you’ve activated it correctly. Slide the Ghost Mode switch to ‘On’ in your settings.

Remember, you can choose who sees your location, allowing specific friends or no one at all. You can set a timer for how long you want to remain off the grid.

snapchat ghost logo

The Design Story Behind The Snapchat Logo

Snapchat’s logo, with its unique ghost design, has a fascinating origin story that you mightn’t be aware of. The design inspiration came from Ghostface Killah, a rapper from the Wu-Tang Clan, who co-founder Evan Spiegel was a fan of.

Here are some key points in the evolution of Snapchat’s logo:

  • The initial logo was a simple ghost sketch created by Spiegel’s friend, Bobby Murphy.
  • The ghost was chosen to represent the disappearing nature of messages on Snapchat.
  • Over time, the logo was refined and simplified for better recognition.
  • The ghost, named Ghostface Chillah, became a fun mascot for Snapchat.
  • The logo has remained largely unchanged since 2013, maintaining its iconic status.

This ghostly design cleverly encapsulates Snapchat’s ephemeral messaging concept.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Was the Initial Public Reaction to the Introduction of Snapchat Ghosts in 2016?

When Snapchat introduced ghosts in 2016, public skepticism was high. But, as you probably saw, user engagement didn’t dip. People warmed up to the quirky feature, integrating it into their daily Snap routines.

Are There Any Snapchat Ghosts That Represent Positive Emotions?

Yes, there are Snapchat Ghosts that symbolize positive emotions. The Ghost Blowing Bubblegum shows your friend’s contentment, while the Ghost with Peace Symbol and Star represents extreme happiness and optimism.

How Can the Snapchat Ghost Mode Feature Be Activated or Deactivated?

To activate or deactivate Ghost Mode for privacy on Snapchat, you’ll head to Snap Map. Just pinch the screen to open it, then tap the settings icon and toggle Ghost Mode on or off.

Has the Snapchat Logo Design Evolved Since Its Creation or Has It Remained the Same?

The Snapchat logo’s design, Ghostface Chillah, hasn’t evolved since its inception. Despite design critiques, it’s remained constant, embodying Snapchat’s ephemeral nature. The logo’s simplicity and memorability solidify its effectiveness in the tech industry.

Is There a Way to Customize Your Own Snapchat Ghost or Are Users Limited to the Pre-Set Options?

You’re limited to pre-set options on Snapchat, unfortunately. Ghost personalization prospects aren’t available, highlighting Snapchat customization restrictions. So, you can’t design your own Snapchat ghost, you must choose from existing options.

To Finish Up

So, there you have it – a sneak peek into the whimsical world of Snapchat’s ghost faces. Each ghost adds a dash of mystery and personality to your Snapchat experience.

Whether it’s a bubblegum-blowing ghost or a peace-symbol one, they all serve to keep your Snapchat interactions lively and fun.

Remember, these ghost faces are more than just cute icons, they’re a unique representation of emotions in the Snapchat universe.

Happy snapping!